Eager and delighted children waited with bated breath as the countdown began. 3…2…1… We watched as our helium balloons soared up, up and away with the wind! We celebrated and sang the new tefilla we now say of “Mashiv Haruach Umorid Hageshem…” while watching the balloons blow this way and that in the windy blue sky. May it be a year of bountiful brachos in Eretz Yisroel and all over the world .





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Proud to BE A Masmid

The talmidim of Yeshiva Ketana of Manhattan are BEAMing. The BE A Masmid program is one of the Yeshiva’s most exciting initiatives andthe one that helps define what a YKOM talmid truly is.  Utilizing the longer Friday nights and Motzei Shabbos, many boys took

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2020 Presidential Election

This year’s 2020 Presidential Election provided our YKOM scholars a rich, real life learning experience in citizenship, the voting process, political platforms and the tools of argumentation. Our Grade Seven and Eight students took a deep dive into the election process and discovered how

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Thank You Hashem

As we began the new year, we could not help but be amazed that this is actually happening! After months of isolation and lack of socializing, we are so happy to return to a normal social lifestyle. However, we must always stop and contemplate, to

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