We are proud of our inclusive community of parents, united in their dedication to the educational growth, religious development, and overall well-being of their children. We regularly host family and communal gatherings like melaveh malkas, father-son learning breakfasts, PTA welcome breakfasts for mothers, and other events where parents get a closer look at the school and share a taste of the learning their children enjoy every day. These events help impress upon our students that their parents are active participants in their educational experiences. Parents are invited and encouraged to take part in the happenings of Yeshiva Ketana throughout the school year, whether that means arranging a bake sale, or joining a field trip.



For rigorous inquiry in learning, mixing disciplines allows students to relate to the content in a personalized way, think critically, and expand their perceptions and understandings of the world. Mathematics, history and science intersect as students investigate the evolution of man made flight, analyzing and applying precise algorithms of physical science for construction of working models for test flights of hot air balloons. The works of Shakespeare come alive as students use creativity and imagination to turn the acts of Coriolanus, one of Shakespeare’s final tragic plays, into poster-sized graphic novels. Oral and written communication are strengthened as students research thought-provoking topics within social studies and the sciences and present their findings to authentic audiences in formal public debates and Socratic seminars. Valuing inquiry over information, students prize the highly social nature of learning.


We are dedicated to meeting the individual learning needs of every student. Our rebbeim are skilled in utilizing a variety of teaching styles and techniques to reach every child at his level and engage him fully in the classroom.

Our Learning Center helps students refine their strengths and work on areas that require improvement. This allows them to reach their utmost academic potential with the support they need to succeed in both Judaic and general studies. We continually assess our students’ academic standing, remediate in areas which require extra support, work on age-appropriate skill development, and provide enrichment acceleration both in class and in the Learning Center.

We consider kriah proficiency to be a pivotal part of any talmid’s success in limudei kodesh, and we have a kriah specialist dedicated to ensuring that each talmid masters this essential skill with appropriate fluency.