Our goal is to enable every student to reach his full potential through rigorous instruction and innovative experiential methods. We encourage students’ curiosity while fostering a spirit of inquiry. Our curriculum seeks to develop students’ critical thinking skills, with educational methods that facilitate both independent and collaborative learning.

Our dynamic educators transmit a love for the process of learning. They challenge students and are intentional in their repertoire of teaching strategies. Data systems and processes are applied using adaptive computerized programming, benchmarks, portfolios, and interim daily assessments to ensure high quality learning outcomes, as teachers and students build pathways to mastery together.

"The General Studies curriculum is rigorous and in-depth. My kids are writing more than they ever have. They're getting so much math enrichment and social studies and the teachers are able to work with the students on their writings in such a personal setting because of the small classes. I wish people knew that for a yeshivish school, for any school, the General Studies education they get there is outstanding." (6th Grade Parent)


Balanced Literacy:

At every grade level, students learn to write with precision, read with understanding, and speak in ways that communicate clear ideas. Students read a wide array of topics, rich with exposure to all types of literature, always with a focus on critical reading for a deeper understanding.


Math courses use an emphasis on problem-solving and computational fluency. Students are encouraged to use logic and orally express the process used to achieve an answer. Enrichment classes are offered in lower grades, while an accelerated track for Regents Algebra, a test normally administered to ninth graders, is offered in our middle school.


Students use the scientific inquiry process to bring science to life as they explore core ideas in life, earth, and space through the study of physical sciences, engineering, and technology. Through the support of CIJE and the Gruss Foundation, our students are able to take advantage of opportunities to integrate science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) projects as part of their regular instruction in a fully-equipped scientific laboratory.

Social studies:

Social studies integrates history, geography, government, and map skills to promote students’ understanding of their place in the world. Students learn civic values and study a range of cultures and personalities to understand how the course of history has shaped the world we know today. Students also learn how to conduct research, take and organize notes, and incorporate strategies for successful studying, all of which are needed to thrive in high school and beyond.