Yeshiva Ketana of Manhattan offers a Limudei Kodesh curriculum that empowers students to become independent learners. Starting with our very youngest talmidim, our dedicated, vibrant rebbeim instill a love for Torah learning and yiddishkeit. YKOM’s curriculum and class structure are designed to ensure that every student masters textual skills and gains the confidence needed for a lifetime of learning. Torah lessons come alive as students analyze Gemorah, Mishna, and Chumash and learn how all these texts and concepts are relevant in their daily lives. This, in turn, helps to deepen their emunah and strengthen their relationships with Hashem, as well as bein adam l’chavero. Students are taught not only to master the material at hand, but to recognize the depth and richness of our Jewish heritage and to love learning Torah for the sake of limmud Torah. Ongoing initiatives to build ruach and religious pride help our students develop a genuine excitement for yiddishkeit.

Our overarching mission during these formative years is to imbue each student with an enduring thirst for learning Torah, a love for Eretz Yisrael, and a passion for observing their rich Jewish heritage. During these years, our talmidim are fine tuning their social skills, learning to see the greatness in each other, and how each classmate has his own unique set of talents and interests that contribute to the richness of the educational experience. A pivotal part of this process is developing a keen self- awareness, and understanding how to respond to situations, using the wisdom of the Torah as their guide.

Ahavas Yisrael

We instill in our students a love of Eretz Yisrael and Am Yisrael, and the recognition that the land of Israel plays a central role, not only in Am Yisrael’s history, but in Jewish life today. As part of this ongoing effort, we consistently emphasize the link between yiddishkeit and Eretz Yisrael, and the important role that Torah study has in the strength of Eretz Yisrael and the viability of the Jewish people.

Derech Eretz Kadma L'torah

The concept that derech eretz precedes Torah learning is a concept we imbue in our student body. We instill in our students the knowledge that every person is created B’tzelem Elokim, in God’s image, and it is this knowledge that helps our students remember their responsibility to treat each and every person they encounter with this dignity and respect. Kavod habrius, human dignity, is part of our curriculum in the form of middos initiatives in which our students learn different ways to show respect and discover opportunities for middos tovos.