Proud to BE A Masmid

The talmidim of Yeshiva Ketana of Manhattan are BEAMing. The BE A Masmid program is one of the Yeshiva’s most exciting initiatives andthe one

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2020 Presidential Election

This year’s 2020 Presidential Election provided our YKOM scholars a rich, real life learning experience in citizenship, the voting process, political platforms and the

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Away With The Wind

Eager and delighted children waited with bated breath as the countdown began. 3…2…1… We watched as our helium balloons soared up, up and

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About YKOM

For more than 30 years, Yeshiva Ketana of Manhattan

has established itself as a beacon of Torah study, simchas hachaim, and academic excellence on Manhattan’s Upper West Side.

Yeshiva Ketana of Manhattan’s (YKOM) educational philosophy focuses on empowering our students with the skills and tools necessary to become successful, independent, lifelong learners. When our students are in class, they are actively learning how to decode and analyze texts, review material to be able to master the content, and apply what they’ve learned to extend into their lives beyond the classrooms.

Our talmidim learn how to learn, and how to take on challenges beyond the material. YKOM does not base our talmidim’s learning on rote memorization. From the earliest ages we seek to enhance our student’s understanding of the material, and build their skill set which will enable them to tackle difficult texts.

As our students mature, YKOM places a premium on collaborative learning, they work with their peers to meet challenges and find solutions together. Through a loving commitment to Torah and secular studies, our students discover their potential, develop 21st century skills, achieve readiness for high school, and succeed in a safe and warm environment.

Limudei Kodesh

Yeshiva Ketana of Manhattan offers a Limudei Kodesh curriculum that empowers students to become independent learners. Starting with our very youngest talmidim, our dedicated, vibrant rebbeim instill a love for Torah learning and yiddishkeit. YKOM’s curriculum and class structure are designed to ensure that every student masters textual skills and gains the confidence needed for alifetime of learning. Torah lessons come alive as students analyze Gemorah, Mishna, and Chumash and learn how all these texts and concepts are relevant in their daily lives. This, in turn, helps to deepen their emunah and strengthen their relationships with Hashem, as well as bein adam l’chavero. Students are taught not only to master the material at hand, but to recognize the depth and richness of our Jewish heritage and to love learning Torah for the sake of Limmud Torah. Ongoing initiatives to build ruach and religious pride help our students develop a genuine excitement for yiddishkeit.



At every grade level, students learn to write with precision, read with understanding...


Math courses use an emphasis on problem-solving and computational fluency...


students use the scientific inquiry process to make science come alive... as they explore core ideas in life


Social studies integrates history, geography, government, and map skills...

Why Yeshiva Ketana

Yeshiva Ketana’s rebbeim and teachers work together over a series of years to build community and transmit a love of Torah and mitzvous in an environment where close relationships are emphasized.

  • Preschool


We are dedicated to meeting the individual learning needs of every student. Our rebbeim are skilled in utilizing a variety of teaching styles and techniques to reach every child at his level and engage him fully in the classroom.

“The rebbes believe in our children. They want them to become lifelong learners.” (6th Grade Parent)

Our Learning Center helps students refine their strengths and work on areas that require improvement. This allows them to reach their utmost academic potential with the support they need to succeed in both Judaic and general studies. We continually assess our students’ academic standing, remediate in areas which require extra support, work on age-appropriate skill development, and provide enrichment acceleration both in class and in the Learning Center.

We consider kriah proficiency to be a pivotal part of any talmid’s success in limudei kodesh, and we have a kriah specialist dedicated to ensuring that each talmid masters this essential skill with appropriate fluency.

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As a school whose model is predicated on individualized attention and learning, the staff and teachers are highly engaged and connected with each student, fostering their individual, social, intellectual, emotional and religious growth. There is a unified mission rallied around academic excellence, Torah values, Yiddishkeit and personal connection that fuels the growth of the YKOM students.

“They really just focus on the kids and making sure they are learning. People are always surprised at what my kids are learning. (1st Grade Parent)”

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YKOM’s rebbeim and teachers have built a community and transmit a love of Torah and mitzvos in an enviornment where close relationships are emphasized.

YKOM’s physical location rests in the heart of one of the most vibrant and cultural cities in the world. Our yeshiva is just steps away from Riverside Park and minutes away from world-class cultural landmarks, ideal for fostering a spirit of inquiry in our students and supplementing their education with carefully-chosen cultural activities to enrich their classroom learning.

“I was very attracted to the warmth of the school and their desire to take an approach to education that was really catered to the child as opposed to changing the child to the structure and the curriculum.” (2nd Grade Parent)

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YKOM Preschool offers a nurturing, loving, and joyful environment for the foundation of your child’s educational journey. Guided by a staff of exceptionally trained and caring teachers, our students develop their writing, reading, math, social, fine motor, gross motor, and life skills, fostering a sense of purpose and accomplishment. A peek into our center based classrooms reveals students actively engaged in lessons that inspire curiosity, independence and the development of middos tovos.


The General Studies curriculum is rigorous and in-depth. My kids are writing more than they ever have. They're getting so much math enrichment and social studies and the teachers are able to work with the students on their writings in such a personal setting because of the small classes. I wish people knew that for a yeshivish school, for any school, the General Studies education they get there is outstanding.

6th Grade Parent

The rebbeim are stellar and care so much about the talmidim. My son’s teacher at parent teacher conferences took out my son's test and showed me one answer and explained how that was really indicative of my son's personality.

3rd Grade Parent

I was very attracted to the warmth of the school and their desire to take an approach to education that was really catered to the child as opposed to changing the child to the structure and the curriculum.

2nd Grade Parent

The rebbes believe in our children. They want them to become lifelong learners.

6th Grade Parent

They really just focus on the kids and making sure they are learning. People are always surprised at what my kids are learning.

1st Grade Parent

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