I was very attracted to the warmth of the school and their desire to take an approach to education that was really catered to the child as opposed to changing the child to the structure and the curriculum. (2nd Grade Parent)”

YKOM’s rebbeim and teachers have built a community and transmit a love of Torah and mitzvos in an enviornment where close relationships are emphasized. YKOM’s physical location rests in the heart of one of the most vibrant and cultural cities in the world.

Our yeshiva is just steps away from Riverside Park and minutes away from world-class cultural landmarks, ideal for fostering a spirit of inquiry in our students and supplementing their education with carefully-chosen cultural activities to enrich their classroom learning.


The concept that Derech Eretz precedes Torah learning is a concept we imbue in our student body. We instill in our students the knowledge that every person is created B’tzelem Elokim, in God’s image, and it is this knowledge that helps our students remember their responsibility to treat each and every person they encounter with this dignity and respect. Kavod habrius, human dignity, is part of our curriculum in the form of middos initiatives in which our students learn different ways to show respect and discover opportunities for middos tovos.