Learning, laughter,
and lifelong memories.

It’s a timeless school adventure at YKOM.
Come take a peek into each of our divisions.

Learning, laughter,
and lifelong memories.

It’s a timeless school adventure at YKOM.
Come take a peek into each of our divisions.

Learning, laughter,
and lifelong memories.

It’s a timeless school adventure at YKOM.
Come take a peek into each of our divisions.

Learning, laughter,
and lifelong memories.

It’s a timeless school adventure at YKOM.
Come take a peek into each of our divisions.


Where little explorers take big steps

Our Staff

Under the expert and watchful eye of Morah Adina and her devoted staff, your little one will experience the YKOM preschool magic. Our teachers are selected based on their training and commitment to their young charges, and their personal connection to the children through individualized learning means our preschoolers feel safe and secure.


Learning is fun at YKOM preschool, where imagination meets education. Using a multisensory approach that helps develop fine and gross motor skills, the children learn as they play, exploring the world with a natural curiosity that we strongly encourage. We closely monitor each child’s development, and custom-choose activities that align with our interdisciplinary skills and inquiry-based learning environment. By the time they finish preschool, the children can read both Hebrew and English fluently, and have a strong grounding in writing, math, science, and abstract thinking. They love learning all about being Jewish, like keeping Shabbos and Yom Tov, and celebrating Rosh Chodesh, and in an environment totally dedicated to your preschooler’s journey, they’ll finish preschool fully prepared for the next stage.

Middos Tovos

We never forget about our middos! At YKOM preschool, we know that derech eretz is more important than anything, and we treat everyone with love and respect, preparing ourselves for a full Jewish life.

Special Events

Have you heard about our Parshas Noach petting zoo or our pre-Rosh Hashanah beekeeper visit? At YKOM preschool, our learning comes alive through special events like these, as well as others, such as our Chanukah concert, challah bake, and matzah factory. We also take class trips to the library and farms, and welcome visitors like firemen, who teach us about safety.

“The preschool gave my daughter the foundations of Yiddishkeit with such warmth.”

“My child’s preschool teachers were tuned in to every one of her needs.”

Elementary School

From Elementary to Extraordinary

Role Models

The rebbeim at YKOM are more than classroom teachers. They are true role models who genuinely care about their students, and happily give them personal attention both in and out of the classroom. Their focus is on the boys’ overall spiritual and academic growth, and this shows in the deep mutual respect between rebbe and student you find at YKOM.

“My son’s rebbe cares for my son like he’s his own child.”


Kodesh lessons at YKOM come alive as our boys master skills that give them a palpable love of learning and prepare them for a life of Torah. From Chumash to Mishnah to Gemara, students analyze texts, internalizing their lessons and strengthening their own emunah. Through YKOM’s kodesh lessons, they learn to recognize the richness of Torah and Yiddishkeit, and gain a new awareness of their responsibilities as Jews, using the Torah as their guide.

"My rebbe is the funniest and most exciting rebbe I could ever dream of.”

General Studies

Whether in math, science, social studies, or English, students are encouraged to use their natural curiosity to develop skills like critical thinking, problem solving, reading and writing fluency, and organization. Together, teachers and students learn and explore, fueling a love for ongoing learning and nurturing young, inquisitive minds.

"I couldn’t be happier with my 8th-grade son’s writing skills. The warmth of the younger grade English teachers fosters such a positive learning environment.”

“I find social studies so interesting and interactive.”

“The general studies program is robust and creative.”

Every Student a V.I.P.

At YKOM, our kids get extra attention! With more teachers around, our boys get to learn in a supportive and creative environment, allowing each one to learn in a way that’s just right for him. Teachers and students engage on a personal level, increasing motivation, giving and getting guidance, and creating happy vibes in the classroom.

“The menahel makes my son feel like he’s the best thing since sliced bread.”


Beyond the bell, beyond the walls, where fun delights and learning calls.

Want your child to develop new skills?

Gain confidence?

Build their character?

Learn to communicate?

Explore their interests?

Have fun?

Hey, so do we!

YKOM’s Extracurricular Department

YKOM’s extracurricular department works overtime to create and support a dynamic community of parents, students, and staff through school activities and events.

Our Boys

Our boys as young as First Grade grow and thrive through participating in our Chanukah and Purim Chagigahs, Chumash play, Brochos Bee, and Sukkos and Pesach Hasmadah programs. 

Our Pride and Joy

And let’s not forget about our pride and joy—our internationally acclaimed BEAM (BE. A Masmid/Mumcha/Mensch program), in which the boys earn prizes and trips based on the number of hours learned and acts of menschlichkeit performed.

Because our parents are such integral members of the YKOM team, our events are a big hit with families too!


Grandparents Day, where preschool grandparents join a program

Open School Day, where parents sit in on their son’s class (remember to be on your best behavior, guys!)

Melavah Malkas


Lag BaOmer Family Barbecue

PTA Tea (a fundraiser for mothers)

Bake Sale (a school fundraiser)


A World of Endless Possibilities.